Judge Steve Rogers is in the race for the 14th Court of Appeals. 

Rogers’ announcement comes with ‘14’ top conservative endorsements.

Fort Bend County, TX – Judge Steve Rogers has entered the race for the 14th Court of Appeals, running to keep convicted criminals off the streets, enforce the law, protect Texans, and to get the justice system back to work.

In announcing Judge Rogers said, “I’m not afraid to get canceled, and I won’t give in to the woke political agenda. My judicial philosophy is simple, I follow the law and I enforce the law.”

Judge Rogers’ campaign has already earned the endorsement of 14 top conservative leaders and prominent grassroots Texans:

Elected Officials:
U.S. Congressman Troy Nehls
Fort Bend State Representative Jacey Jetton
Fort Bend County Treasurer Bill Rickert
Sugar Land City Council Member Suzanne Whatley
Lamar ISD Board of Trustees Member Jon Welch

Grassroots Leaders
Senate District 13 Committeewoman Milinda Morris McConnell
Senate District 15 Committeeman Rolando Garcia
Harris County Precinct Chair 345 Sonny Khatua

Conservatived Leaders and Texans:
Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman
Former State Bar of Texas President Larry McDougal
Former Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez
Former Fort Bend County Constable Trever Nehls
Former Candidate for Fort Bend County Judge Max-Alalibo Ibifrisolam
Former Houston Police Officer Muzaffar Siddiqi

Judge Rogers won the race for district court judge, in Fort Bend County, flipping a formally blue seat. He resides in Needville, TX with his wife Rebecca, and four children: Emily, John, Mac, and Will.

His announcement web video can be watched here:


Contact Judge Steve Rogers:

You can contact the team directly by sending an email to

 [email protected]